Duration, Exclusivity

Fruitful collaboration relies on trusted relationships. Trust is to be given and is to be earned. So let’s start our collaboration on a short-term mission or a spot assignment to get to know each other.
In this field of activity, true value and sustainable impact will  be achieved when collaborating on the longer term. Bridging Gaps is looking for long-term missions either on a part-time or full-time basis. If requested full exclusivity may be granted.



Innovation topics and new business ventures are sensitive areas where confidentiality is key.

Prior to the start of an engagement Bridging Gaps is ready to elaborate and sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Engagements may involve sensitive and confidential material and require appropriate management of information and personal relationships. After the work of Bridging Gaps is completed, material received from clients is destroyed or is returned to the client. If Bridging Gaps works on a project with other professionals, it holds them to the same standards.

Bridging Gaps avoids conflict of interest by being able to select its projects and clients. Where Bridging Gaps is involved in similar projects for different organisations at different times, or has been previously engaged by competitors, it freely discloses that information and discusses the implications before the engagement is committed.