Business Development & Relationship Management

For innovation-driven organisations and ecosystems

Challenging times

Organisations face increasing complexity and acceleration of their environment and their business. New communication technologies and new energy technologies are converging and are starting to transform the society and the economy seeking for a truly sustainable development.

Data and knowledge are the key-drivers of the next industrial revolution where distributed and collaborative relationships between people and business will dominate conventional top-down organisations and the linear economy.Organizations need to learn fast and apply their learning across boundaries. Such agility requires an increased level of flexibility and adaptability.

Innovation gaps

Innovation happens on the frontiers of scientific, engineering and management disciplines. It is a complex, often non-linear process. It may be incremental or truly disruptive. From basic scientific research to applied development and engineering, to proof-of-concept and to full market deployment there are many steps to be taken and gaps to be filled in technology, process, organisation, finance and human resources.

Resource gaps

Organisations often lack the time and the internal resources to devote to these topics which do not need to be solved immediately but are of strategic importance in the mid and long term. These subjects ask organisations to step back, make a deep dive, do market investigation, watch out for potential partners, manage relationships etc. And to ensure practical implementation and project management are in place to deliver results.

We help you bridging some of these gaps to accelerate the development of your business, to enter new markets and to produce a sustainably positive impact.